Yes, we were just here a few days ago! But tomorrow, Heather and I are kicking off our end of the year content — we’ll still be posting lots of fun stuff, so come by over the next few weeks if you have a spare moment, but normal posts are on vacation until 2022, unless someone does something like……WILDLY noteworthy — and, ergo, the time has come to post the Last Christmas video and get this party started. (With apologies, I suppose, if you are doing Whamageddon. Personally, I don’t know why you’d want to avoid George Michael!) Plus, I want to leave you plenty of engrossing things to read over this break:

Oh! Speaking of engrossing entertainment over the break, our 30 Days Free promo for Acorn TV still works — just use promo code FUGGIRLS30. (We are ad partners with Acorn, but this blog mention wasn’t compensated. I just thought you might want cozy British murders that week between Christmas and New Years.)

Really moving: Jamie Raskin’s Year of Grief and Purpose [WaPo]

Interesting: Why Celebrities Are Missing the Point of That Jeremy Strong Profile [Pajiba]

Seasonal! How A Christmas Carol Became a Classic. [T&C]

An excellent piece in The New York Times about the benefits of mutual aid for everyone.

This is fun: Matthew Broderick Answers Every Question We Have About The Producers [Vulture]

Agreed: Jennifer Lopez’s statement to PEOPLE about not being mad at Ben was unnecessary [Lainey]

This headline made me laugh: Lee Pace thinks people are ‘trolling’ him when they’re actually lusting after him [Celebitchy]

This is fun and the illustrations are fantastic: Samuel L. Jackson Ranks Samuel L. Jackson [The Undefeated]

This is so cool: Inside the World of Venice Beach’s Legendary Basketball Courts [LA Mag]

Definitely relevant to our interests: That Time I Bought 50 Pairs of Jeans. For Science. [Burnt Toast]

Also relevant, and really interesting: How Shein beat Amazon at its own game — and reinvented fast fashion [Rest of World]

This is so neat: The Lost World Of Wonderful Wooden Bowling Alleys. [Messy Nessy Chic]

For real: Jewelry Star of 2021: Zendaya

I chuckled just at this url: Writing about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson in Staten Island because resistance is futile  [Lainey]

So interesting: The Quirky History of the Osage Orange, Texas’s Ugliest Fruit [Texas Monthly]

LOGISTICS: How Only Murders in the Building Put Together TV’s Starriest, New York-iest Cast. Also — OMITB is so fun; if you’ve got time off the next few weeks and haven’t seen it, you might enjoy. [Vanity Fair]

Speaking of mysteries: Shipwrecks, Stolen Jewels, and Skull-Blasting Are Some of This Year’s Best Mysteries [Atlas Obscura]

Fascinating: Say Cheese! How Bad Photography Has Changed Our Definition of Good Pictures [Collectors Weekly]

This is cool: 39 Traditions Added to UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, From Arabic Calligraphy to Truffle Hunting [Travel + Leisure]

Kim France rounds up her top 10 greatest hits of 2021 at Girls of a Certain Age.

And now, with no further ado: