I truly think this movie is underrated and I don’t apologize for it. Professor Google describes it thusly:

Frustrated at his own failures and disillusioned with professional sports, tennis player Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) resolves to retire from competition and become an instructor at an exclusive private club. But when Colt receives a surprise wild-card berth in Wimbledon, he can’t help but enter the tournament. Soon, Colt meets Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst), a beautiful American tennis player with an upcoming match of her own, and finds the inspiration he hopes will turn his luck around.

It’s also the only film that’s ever been allowed to actually shoot at Wimbledon (during the 2003 event) and I must admit that you perhaps might enjoy it more if you love tennis outfits, which I do. Speaking of outfits, the UK and US premieres varied WILDLY in dress code; at one, Kiki Dunst looks like she just threw something together at random, at the other, she looks iconic. Let’s hit the court!

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