Today was quite a big day, with an emotional roller coaster of events ranging from extremely moving to a bit wacky and then back to serious again. It began very somberly, at Stutthof, a former concentration camp, and then went on to encompass pierogis (and shots), a Shakespeare performance, and a trip to the European Solidarity Centre with Lech Wałęsa. (The Express had quite a good story about the visit to Stutthof, where Wills and Kate met two men who had been imprisoned there as boys, and who were returning for the first time. Normally, I’d link to this in the slideshow, but it is very well worth your time, and I didn’t want it to be overlooked. It’s a very emotional story.)

In addition to the many pics in the slideshow, we’ve got lots of video, because the social media people at Kensington Palace know how to do this now:

I also thought this an amazing pic, from Mark Cuthbert’s Instagram (he’s an excellent royals photographer).

Poland came out! And Wills and Kate certainly fit in a lot of Poland in forty-eight hours — although I’m sure there is also much more that a person could do if they visited! — and are off to Germany tomorrow. I’m sure Angela Merkel has some questions for Kate.

[Photos: WENN and Getty]