I had very high hopes for this tour, and so far it’s living up to them. For one thing, I am loving Kate’s wardrobe thus far — all our previous coverage, of course, is here; today is definitely the most boring, clothing-wise– but more than anything, getting to see parts of India has been so tremendous. Today brought elephants! (I love elephants. I have an elephant occasional table in my living room and two little elephant planters and an elephant teapot and elephant salt and pepper shakers. [I also have a ceramic camel, a fabric camel, a leather camel, and three little owl figurines, as well as three ceramic Foo Dogs, and an amazing vintage ceramic mounted deer’s head, so apparently I am a person who is sincerely devoted to whimsical zoological decor, and also a hoarder.]) It also brought baby rhinos! And the return of Wills’s beaded belt!

How great does this look? (I’ve wanted to go on a safari for…ever.)

[Photos: Arthur Edwards – Pool/Getty Images, Chris Jackson – Getty Images, Getty Images, DNAN ABIDI/AFP/Getty Images]