Closing out a (hugely successful) royal tour with puppies is just ace planning from someone on this team (which should be proud of itself in general, because I think this one was complicated.)

Here’s an update on the logistical DRAMA via The Daily Mail — I KNOW. I know — and it sounds like yesterday’s abortive flight out of Lahore was a nightmare. (There is video of it and it both looks awful AND it makes me laugh that all the journalists are filming it. Of course they are; I would too! A journalist’s priority is the story.) They also had to cancel some cool/important-sounding stuff today (like a trip to the Khyber Pass that sounds like it would have been really interesting), but it seems like everyone on the logistical team earned their holiday bonus — they managed to find over 100 hotel rooms for the press pack with literally no notice.

But it all worked out! Today, they got back to Islamabad and met some very good dogs:

That’s very serious but also one of those dogs is named Polka.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Tim Rooke/Shutterstock]