Wills and Kate attended the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit today — mental health is an issue that’s very close to their hearts, and tomorrow is Global Mental Health Day — and it is good to see them back out and about. (I can’t believe I neglected to mention this in Friday’s Royals Round-Up when I previewed all the Royal Events of the week to come, but of course we’re also going to see them together again on Friday morning, which is Princess Eugenie’s wedding. I’m sorry I keep kinda forgetting about your wedding, Euj. I am excited to see what you wear.)

Anyhoodle, if Kate’s lilac frock looks familiar to you, it’s because she wore it last year when they were on their tour of Germany and Poland with the kids. It’s an extremely good dress; Matches is still selling it in a very light pink. (Bonus tip: that post has a lot of George and Charlotte.) Her tiny little purse is by Aspinal and IT IS PRETTY. (It’s also available in various other pretty colors.) Kate HAS carried a tiny handled bag before — when she and Wills went to Paris, for example — but Tiny Handled Bag does feel like something she saw Meghan toting about and thought, “I might do more of that.

O’ course, we have video. This is very charming:

We also have arrivals!

To the slideshow! I have to say, as happy as Harry and Meghan have looked lately (very), these two ALSO look quite happy. My theory is that Meghan and Harry are obviously in the first blush of newlywed bliss, and Wills and Kate are DELIGHTED that the media pressure is off them for the first time in their lives (and also that none of Kate’s awful relatives are calling the paparazzi to make sure they get photos of them “being turned away” from Kensington Palace. GO AWAY, SAMANTHA MARKLE….is a thing I like to imagine Kate yelling out her bedroom window toward the street).

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