It’s a surprise outing, because I don’t have enough to do on Golden Globes Sunday! No, no, Kate — I jest! Leave the house ALWAYS, please; I find writing about you and your coats an endless delight. We’ve seen both these pieces before — Kate wore this coat on Christmas 2014 (which was a good Christmas outing with lots of hand-holding and a beardless Harry leaping over fences and talking to horses, if you want to revisit it, and  in fact, I think they’re ALL repeating the 2014 coats).  I enjoy how much she looks like the heroine of an 80s romance novel set in posh British circles, which…well, close enough, I guess. I also enjoy that, per For Berkshire to Buckingham, she carried that little Chanel bag that I love. May 2018 bring us all tiny fabulous bags when least expected. (is it too late in the month to be passing on good wishes for the upcoming year? I don’t care).

[Photo: Geoff Robinson Photography/REX/Shutterstock]