In fairness, this is because we wrote about Chrissy — and lots of other people!  –at Cosmo, and then I mentally checked her off my list. This is NOT a forgettable look. It’s a LOT of look. It’s like Peak Crazy Marchesa — it is, in fact, by Marchesa — and someone has to sport that on the first Monday in May or I believe that the United States of America’s warranty is voided.

That said, do I actually like it? Not really:

Do I think her face looks great? Yes. Do I love her cookbook? So much. Does this kind of remind me of a set piece in a classic comedy where the heroine accidentally falls into a vat of feathers at the pillow factory in her formal gown — AS ONE DOES —  and has to walk back into town in a state of humorous and charming disarray? Totally.

[Photo: Getty Images]