This ensemble not quite as shocking as my own reaction to it was — ultimately, my gasp was the sartorial version of when you run into a piece of furniture and apologize to it — but what can I say? I did not expect this from her. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and I would sometimes wear one of my mother’s elastic waist skirts to play dress up. I’d pull it up under my armpits to create a formal gown, but I also wasn’t interested in taking off the turtleneck I’d worn to school that day, creating…well, basically this. Listen, if my childhood dress-up looks are coming into style, I look forward to seeing everyone wearing a towel on her head and pretending she’s a bride.

This is WAY better:

Chanel Cruise Collection Front Row

Leaving aside, of course, the twee ribbon holding her head onto her body — but I guess that’s a necessity as long as you’re not at Gucci – my gasp HERE was much more complimentary.

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