I swear it’s as if the Giamba designers stamped this with an H as their version of a Scarlet Letter. “Heather,” it is saying, like a bunch of hexed candles on a Passions coffee table. “You are going to scream about pants when you see this. REMEMBER THE PANTS.” Well, hexed candles (not to be confused with Hate Candles), I could never forget the pants. But Naomie apparently disagrees. Animals cavorting all over semi-breathable fabrics are all the rage right now, so that blouse is both on-trend and very funky. But yes, AS A BLOUSE. She can’t sit. She can’t scoot. She can’t even bend at the knees to pick up anything she might drop. She probably can’t sneeze. The only thing she can do with ease is go to the bathroom, because everything she needs to accomplish that is already 97 percent available to her. I appreciate a lady who tries to save time, but I’m not sure combining a premiere with her annual pap smear is the way to go.

[Photo: Getty]