This sleeve shape is very typical of Louis Vuitton of late — it’s Demi-Pirate — and here, Chloe has layered one of its billowy blouses under a dress. I’ve chewed on this one a lot and I think it’s a case where the whole is better than the sum of its parts, in a way? Cher Horowitz might have called it a Monet.  For example, staring in at her left arm, the dress sleeve looks bulky, like the blouse is bunching up under there. All that layering then makes it jarring that her legs and her toes are both bare (this might have been the time for some of LV’s booties). And I’d lose the hair clip. But then backing out… the overall vibe is really good on her, and a colorful and cheery way to add warmth without fully bundling up. She looks slick and cute and cool, and it’s probably one of her most successful endeavors. So I guess I’ll keep a healthy distance and my thumbs-up will stand.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]