First: Jessica touched on this yesterday, but seriously, people need to COOL IT with running up to celebs and SHOVING their cameras in said celebs’ faces. In this case, this fan ran up and went so far as to kiss Selena on the cheek. Now, I don’t know what was said here; maybe he asked, maybe he didn’t. Looking at other photos from the incident, as much as all the media seems to be putting an adorable spin on the whole encounter — “Oh, he greeted her with a hug, and even got a kiss!” — it looks to me like Selena is trying REALLY hard to be polite but is also super uncomfortable and wants to get the eff out of there. He didn’t “get” a kiss, from what I can see; he took one.

There is an unsettling trend that goes beyond people simply being amateur paparazzi, wherein they get RIGHT up there for their selfies and their Snapchats and their Periscopes, and act like they’re owed that kind of access. It’s difficult enough for celebs when the paparazzi does it from a comparative distance. Famous people, as part of the job, do give up a certain modicum of privacy and obviously a large chunk of anonymity, but they have not forsaken their rights to a safe halo. It’s not okay to violate somebody random on a bus, you’d be enraged if someone ran up to your mother or sister or best friend or spouse and touched them this intimately, so why does her being a celebrity make it fine for you to assault Selena Gomez’s cheek? The answer: It doesn’t, and it’s not. Reclaim your humanity and stop being assholes.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]