This isn’t just random: Joey was at the same Alzheimer’s Association fundraiser that Kaley Cuoco attended, which thoughtfully kicks open the door for a discussion of the New Kids on the Block. Thank you, Joseph. When the New Kids came out, everyone in my circle was really hot on Jordan Knight, but my jam was little Joey and his big blue eyes. Then we all broke up with NKOTB and started dating Backstreet Boys, and *NSYNC, and maybe LFO if you were a bit of an outlier… and then Band of Brothers came along and many of us decided Donnie Wahlberg might be the best New Kid of them all. Then HE married Jenny McCarthy, which ruined that whole illusion — you cannot just scrub that off — and so I’m back on board the Joey train.

But that’s just my own obviously DEEPLY nuanced experience. To borrow from Mallrats: Who’s YOUR favorite New Kid? Or, if you missed this entire boat and would rather mention your first Boy Band love, please, do it. Let’s all salute close-harmony singing and synchronized dance and give each other some hella stubborn earworms for the rest of the week.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]