As news broke that Kanye has been hospitalized for issues of personal well-being, Kim was reportedly on a plane to this cancer charity event in New York honoring her father. She didn’t show up, which is absolutely correct of her in this situation, and a bit of a relief (it says a lot about my opinion of these folks that I honestly wondered if she’d attend anyway; that she went in the first place DOES make me suspect they spend no time together, because he was melting down over the weekend and yet still she flew to New York Monday morning, so… either she thought nothing of his half-hour rant, or they just weren’t even in the same orbit).

The other members of her posse plugged the Kim-shaped hole, through, by wearing clothes that had holes of its own. They are really carrying the sartorially sordid torch for her. I guess… family, and all that.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]