First of all, over the weekend, Kate and Wills attended a friend’s wedding — George and Charlotte were in the wedding — and (weirdly) the only online outlets that got photos were People, and the Daily Mail, and said photos are currently uncredited (although over the weekend, People had them credited to Max Mumby, a well-known royal photographer; I suspect in error).  It’s really VERY weird to run uncredited photographs, which makes me think that whoever took them doesn’t want it known that they sold them to these press outlets (rather than to, say, Getty). I honestly don’t know what the deal is there; it could have also just been a weird weekend oversight. However, that means that we can’t legally run those photos (even on Instagram!), because they’re basically not for sale anywhere, and because I am not interested in getting sued, I’m just going to say: Pop over to People and check them out, and we can discuss! (And if I can get them legally from somewhere, I’ll update this post.) My thoughts: It’s for the best that we couldn’t get a ton of those pics because KATE I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THAT HEADDRESS.

However, it now feels even more apt to discuss what from the just-concluded London Fashion Week Kate and Meghan might — or ought to! — wear. As I did when we did this for New York Fashion Week, I looked at lines they’ve both worn in the past and cherry-picked some looks that I both wish they would consider, and think they will consider, both from old faves and new options.  Join me!