Kevin Bacon is in a new horror movie, which may account for why his hair looks like it’s recently been startled. Now, Kev, don’t take it too hard. I still love you. We can still cut loose — footloose, if you don’t mind — and I will put on my Sunday shoes specifically to kick them off with you. But surely even you have to admit that you went a little wild on the volumizer. It’s so tall that I think the very tips legally count themselves a degree removed from you.

He tamped it down a millimeter or two for an earlier event:

Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival's Closing Night Gala Presents 'They Them', USA - 24 Jul 2022

The thing is, though, it doesn’t matter. It’s Kevin Bacon. He inspires joy, and honestly, the towering hair and equally large grin are so endearing together. I will never Marie Kondo this man out of my heart.

[Photos: Stephen Lovekin, Broadimage/Shutterstock]