I love it when someone like Keira Knightley has a movie to promote and is thus out and about ALL THE TIME. So much material for Fug Nation! Some of it good, like this:

Last Night - Photocall: The 5th International Rome Film Festival

Cute, right? Like a party dress based on the concept of a subtle fireworks show. Perfect for that 4th of July-themed press junket. Which this obviously is not. As it’s October. But I’m just saying. Should that option to pop up several months hence for you, call up Keira and see if you can borrow this.

I’m not sure I’d ask to take this one home, though:

Opening Ceremony And Last Night Premiere - Inside - The 5th International Rome Film Festival

This has that sort of 1930s feeling that Keira, in general, works beautifully. And I like how light and airy it feels, like the dress version of a chocolate souffle. On the other hand, I’m concerned that it’s insufficiently pizazz-y — a bit too dusty. Like a chocolate souffle abandoned at the back of the fridge for six weeks.