We’ve had many a conversation that begins with, “So, you know what, I secretly think that [Insert Celeb Name Here] is actually really awesome on that show.” In fact, we’ve had it enough that we decided to do an entire slideshow for Vulture about who we think the most unheralded actors are in primetime. (If we included daytime, it would be 100 slides long, and include anyone in the cast of Passions who had to act opposite Precious the Orangutan Nurse.)

She’s probably the only one in the zip code who can make us laugh just with a curl of her upper lip. (Well, David Silver used to do it, but we’re pretty sure that was unintentional.)
Big hint there, but can you guess to which actress we’re referring? For her identity, and that of the fourteen other celebs we spotlighted, click here to read the full slideshow.