Ooh, it’s a nice Friday. First we get Emily Blunt, and then Zoe Saldana shows up all coolly competent.

That’s a totally kooky pattern and I love it. It’s ALMOST a little C3PO, as if she mixed up which rebooted JJ Abrams franchise she’s promoting, but but that’s okay. The whole thing is interesting, sci-fi, and sleek… until we get to the shoes. They’re FINE, and they’d be a reasonable beige option with an outfit that actually needs or wants a beige shoe, but this is not that outfit.

And then, lo, I have no idea WHAT happened, but Zoe made the necessary shoe swap herself:

Zoe Saldana

Much better. Somehow, with the black footwear, it feels finished — like a period on a sentence, as opposed to an ellipsis where you’re just waiting for the rest of the thought to come.

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