I know I’m getting old because every time I see that This Means War ad where Chelsea Handler barks that Chris Pine’s small hands means he has a “Mike and Ike for a [SMASH CUT SO WE DON’T HEAR HER SAY THE WORD “DICK”],” I think, “must everything be so crass?” And I say that as a moderately crass person. ANYWAY, I was reading a review for said movie — I think it was in EW — and they noted that Reese Witherspoon here has lost that sort of high-strung, uptight quality she used to bring to things and now has this very relaxed aura, and I think that’s true of her in pictures lately as well. She’s just seemed very CHIPPER lately:

Her marriage must be going well. This picture cracks me up: The dress is adorable, but nothing is funnier than Tom Hardy’s head just floating randomly over her shoulder. He does not appear to approve.

I am not sure if I approve of this one:

Okay, but first: That’s McG, and I had no idea McG looked like that. I always imagined McG looking like a very more hipster Justin Theroux. It turns out I totally think McG is cute.

But is this dress?

  • NO. (23%, 1,444 Votes)
  • Yes? (37%, 2,350 Votes)
  • DECIVISELY YES. (23%, 1,476 Votes)
  • Okay, but the first one makes me barf. (8%, 512 Votes)
  • God, calm down. It's just a dress. She can change it. (10%, 626 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,408

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