In fairness to the Z here, there were photos of her smiling; they just weren’t in our subscription, so alas, we get Captain Solemn again.

But that’s about all that’s solemn here: I think the dress and the pattern are super cute and lively, and a good choice for her. We all know she likes a wacky pattern, but this one is well-executed and isn’t overwhelming her, and she put it with MOSTLY great shoes (if we could just chip off the giant pink iceberg-size platform, we’d be in business, and in fact, let’s START that business). I look at stuff like this and wonder if we’re on the cusp of a good thing and don’t know it yet — like, in five years, will she be a ghost of her former Fug Madness Contender self? Or will it be a blip? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS OF OUR TIME.

[Photo: Getty]

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