I mentioned earlier that Kris Jenner’s dress vaguely looked like someone had tried to design her soul with a spirograph. This is the shinier, happier version of that aesthetic. I can almost smell the fresh blue ball-point ink from a Bic on that dress. (Am I the only one that loves the whiff of a new pen, or looked forward to Back to School Supply Shopping even though I never actually looked forward to going back to school?)(Come on, I can’t be the only binder enthusiast out there.)(I’m looking at you, Mitt Romney.)(Too soon?)(Surely not. Binders full of women seems so quaint at this point that I’m actually nostalgic for it.)

The point is, I find Yara¬†so self-assured and charming — but never smug nor prematurely eager to be twenty-six — that I’m not even going to focus on whatever the netting is that I just noticed on the top of the dress. It’s colorful, it’s arty, she’s selling it, the world is her oyster, and we got to talk about binders. It’s a good day.

[Photo: Getty]