I have high hopes for Viola Davis this awards season — not in terms of her winning stuff, because that’s not my area of expertise, but in the sense that I think she’s going to spend the entire time looking GREAT. To wit:

I love this. It’s so shiny, yet understated, like if tweed had a baby with aluminum foil. Viola was similarly understatedly shiny the night prior to this one, too:

I LOVE that. (Note: I know it looks like she’s got a black eye here, but it’s just a curl falling into her face.) (Also, I just noticed her husband randomly has a scarf dangling from underneath his blazer. They’re got stuff falling out of things and onto stuff all over the place.) (What was I talking about?) OH RIGHT: it’s just that, as much as I enjoy seeing actress in Outfits That Make a Statement — often that statement is, “Holy crap, I have a lot of money,” or “I’m pretty sure this dress makes me seem smart,” or “They told me this wasn’t ugly, that it was DIRECTIONAL, and that sounds right, doesn’t it?” —  sometimes it’s really nice to see an outfit that’s just plain old CUTE.