Considering that a ding against Angie is often follicular limpness — or, remember those half-hearted bangs? — I thought I’d lead with the close-up.

Shine! Body! It’s almost Middletonian. I hope the two of them have become secret e-mail friends. Angie can coach Kate on how to handle magazine covers announcing that you are pregnant, and Kate can provide shine-boosting tips and volumizer samples. And then they can both talk about whether Jennifer Aniston is doing the right thing, because you know that comes up.

Let’s check out the rest of the outfit:

This is good — it’s a pleasant break from floaty caftans (although I heard the one we just featured is actually a wide-legged JUMPSUIT, THE HORROR) and I do love my Jolie in leather. That pendant is also amazing and I might even commit illegal acts for it. But overall… is this as good as it could be? I don’t think it’s fug, at all, but I wonder if we could coax a little more fab out of it. There is always a little extra honey in the bear, you know? Angelina is not exactly a funky shoe person, but I think some more audacious footwear would be a great start. Would that be enough? What would you do? Or would you leave this alone and just count your blessings that it’s not Zbornakian in volume?

[Photos: Getty and WENN]