It was fascinating to watch the Brits yesterday as Kate went into labor and then delivered the heir to the throne. The one “expert” on CNN kept repeating that it just proves why Kate is the most skilled royal ever, because the other ladies all struggled so hard to have a son and she popped one out on the first go. Apart from being a terrible observation, it completely ignores the fact that the succession laws would’ve made this child the heir to the throne regardless of gender, and also England has had a pretty good experience with Queens, so I don’t think anyone was seriously threatening a beheading if the firstborn had been a girl.

Although as one tweeter noted to us, Anne Boleyn probably wants to punch Kate in the unmentionables right now. But I think the rest of us just want to give her a hug.

Also: A TOWN CRIER. Really. And not in the weepy way. There were probably LOADS of those.

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