This is so very cute:

I might have done a red lip, but whatever — I think we all know it’s highly likely I will eventually pop out of my own casket to tell my mourning assembled that they all needed a little more lipstick. It’s just…a thing I need to say in order to move forward to the next level of being, in peace. Leaving that aside, her face is still adorable, and this dress is charming as hell. HIGH FIVE, RACHEL BLOOM.

Additionally, if you did not watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this past TV season, I very much recommend catching up over the summer. It is SO funny and smart. For example, there is one scene wherein our heroine accidentally texts something about her beloved TO her beloved, prompting the following, which I seriously find myself singing under my breath once a week:

(All those people were in a work meeting with her when the event occurred, so their morphing into a hair band was even more entertaining. Anyway: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! It’s the best.)

[Photo: Getty]