Babies are so exciting! Enjoy your first peek at the Royal One. And shocking no one, the as yet unnamed Prince looks like a snuggly little muffin, if one that will eventually be king. King Snuggle Muffin, I imagine Kate is already privately calling him. (The day that he will become king, CNN was excited to point out yesterday, is one few of us will actually see because of how we’re all probably gonna die before it happens!!! Thanks, CNN. You’re super festive.) That being said, THIS actually is super festive, as events go, and everyone looks totally happy and great and tired and excited and yay! Go peal some bells for us, Great Britain. I hope you’ve got today off.

PS: If you want to see Wills and Kate answering some press questions, video is here. It’s really charming.

[Photos: Getty and WENN]