Maybe this is getting high marks from me because, juxtaposed with Rachel McAdams’ inky hell storm of a jumpsuit, Olivia’s is slick perfection.

But I think it might even be good on its own merits. It’s a BIT of a Monet — what I thought was laser-cut leather, on the top, is actually little sparkles affixed to netting — but she looks insanely cool in it, and at least had the good grace to offset the light lipstick with a heavy eye. We’ve been carping so much about cosmetics lately, and I get sick of offering Try A Heavier Lip as a solution every time, so hooray for a different take that gets the balance right.

In short: I like this. And years ago who ever would’ve imagined we’d be complimenting any jumpsuit at all? Even our knees get tired of jerking eventually. GROWTH. I also sometimes order raw tomatoes on my sandwiches now, after years of picking them off like they’re plague-fruit, and I don’t even bother to scoop out the goopy gel innards. GROWTH ALL OVER THE PLACE.

[Photo: Getty]