It’s black and white again, sure, but I’m with her.

I am maybe bothered a HAIR by the white-ringed arms, but only a hair. The general simplicity with the gentle folds at the skirt looks very cute on her, and she seems happy and even a bit more relaxed than normal — as if Viola Davis winning all the run-up awards has taken the pressure off, and she can chill out and enjoy it and not have to worry about wiping sweaty palms on a scratchy linen dinner napkin. One might argue that’s because here, she glued a softer napkin substitute to her waist, but that one is not me: I think it’s pretty on her, and I’m just relieved every time I see her looking genuinely happy, because the slideshow we did for Vulture reminded me how rare that’s been since Heath Ledger died. Sniffle.  Turns out I’m a softie on Oscar weekend.

[Photo: Getty]