This might be one of my favorite looks on Meryl, and I have decided that she was styled by her daughter, Louisa Gummer, who is standing there with her (styled in the sense that Louisa came over to the house, went into her mother’s closet, and handed her things to wear; although the truth is that everyone of significance at the premiere of The Giver was coordinated in shades of red and pink, so there was clearly SOMEONE’S guiding hand at work):

I mean, is it a deeply revelatory moment of directional fashion madness made light by the artful hands of a style icon? No. It’s a sparkly top and black pants. But Meryl is not a style icon — although of course she is an icon icon; I spent a lot of last night watching Out of Africa again and then doing the math and realizing that she is younger in that movie than I am now, and feeling weird — and this totally suits her. She looks comfortable in it, and she also looks fun. And anyone who’s ever watched The Golden Globes knows that both these things are probably true.

[Photo: FameFlynet]