I LOVED Kate Walsh on Grey’s Anatomy — hello, her HAIR! So fabulous — but when Private Practice started, I haaaaaaaaated it. And yet here we are three (or four?) years later and I…have seen every single episode of it. And when it was pre-empted by Off the Map a couple of weeks ago, I was LEGIT IRRITATED. Like, there were some unresolved ISSUES on PP that I needed RESOLVED. Like, poor Charlotte! Rapist Nicholas Brendon! Hot Taye Diggs! So, I guess I got invested. It’s pretty entertaining, it turns out. And I have got a real fondness for La Walsh (also, in part, because she seems really normal and fun on Twitter). So I am sorry to inform her that I am going to have to steal her coat. And also what she’s wearing underneath it. Nothing personal. I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT.

I also enjoy whatever’s happening with her and the paparazzi the other night outside of Letterman:

[Photos: Splash News]

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