Let’s check in on how everyone’s favorite Oscar nominee is doing lately. And, okay, maybe Hailee Steinfeld isn’t everyone’s favorite Oscar nominee, but it’s hard not to turn her into the mascot for this year because she’s so darn self-possessed and she’s good in the movie and it’s nice to see an up-and-comer who does not comport herself like a spoiled, strung-out brat.

I love that she took a dress as potentially I Just Came From My Catholic Church Confirmation Ceremony as this one and sassed it up with red accessories. STEP ASIDE, FANNING. Hailee Steinfeld might be the new young celeb on whose petite and cutely groomed shoulders I place all my hopes for our nation’s youth.

This is very simple, very safe, and very appropriate for the nominees’ luncheon, but just looking at it makes me wish I had that age back — which I have never in my life wished before — so that I could try and pull off Mary Janes and a chic LBD with this much composure. Like, somehow, I now feel I wasted my early teens by being a total uncouth doof with cuffed jean shorts from The Gap and those white Keds (which of course i drew all over, to the extreme consternation of my mother). Also, I had better hair then. It wasn’t curly, unfortunately, but it was really thick and shiny. So seeing H’s lovely ponytail there makes me yearn for the days I couldn’t wrap a scrunchy (yes, I wore scrunchies at the time) around mine more than once, thanks to its heft. Oh, Hailee. You’re making me think of those years as my halcyon days, when in fact they were forgettable. This is your power. For you, at least, I hope they remain glorious.