Is this a little too schoolgirl? Maybe.

But I kind of love the mix of youthful style with grown-up sequins, plus the white cuffs and collar and belt have really friendly echoes of Annie’s signature red dress. And I COVETED that dress when I was a kid. I was the child who played Annie whenever I had friends over and made them be all the other parts, and then cut any song that didn’t involve Annie having a solo. (One particularly crafty friend once asked if Annie’s understudy could please have one rehearsal. I had to allow it.) When I was 4, I wore a red dress and black buckle shoes and a red curly wig a lot. Like, a LOT. Like, not just on Halloween, but say, on a Tuesday. So you can see where I might not be the most impartial observer here. Where there are shades of Annie, I feel shades of YES. But for what it’s worth I would bet my bottom dollar (a concept I really DID NOT understand until I was older, so I just ignored it, because I didn’t think butts and money really made sense together and on several levels I still don’t) that I would like it regardless — or as Annie would say, I think I’m gonna like it here. Which only partially makes sense but I don’t care. ANNIE. The end.

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