By now, we have all heard the glorious news that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Emmy Award Nominated Magnum Opus of Prostitution and Judgement, The Client List, is going to be a series on Lifetime. This is, quite obviously, the best thing that has ever happened. Nothing says “Television For Women” like a work-place dramedy (in which, in fairness, the -edy part might be on accident) about prostitution.

Although we’re all sad that this means she won’t be the next Bachelorette — an idea floated by one of you geniuses on Twitter, and one that I LONG TO SEE IN PRACTICE — you can’t ever say the girl doesn’t work hard.

But would you say she's working it? And by "it," we mean this dress.

  • NO. (47%, 7,022 Votes)
  • Yes! (1%, 136 Votes)
  • Maybe? (2%, 304 Votes)
  • A belt. A belt. Her KINGDOM for a belt. (51%, 7,618 Votes)

Total Voters: 15,080

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