We’ve dipped into a LOT of very old stuff, most of it terrible, so I thought maybe it’d soothe us to revisit something pretty but which might have been forgotten. Emma wore this about five years ago on a Spider Man press tour, and I think it’s fabulous. Her makeup, the color, the way she’s wearing this challenging color and with so much confidence… It’s not the kind of bigger-than-life gown that typically makes year-end or decade-end Best lists, but it’s worth remembering just the same. I loved it then, I love it now, and I miss Emma Stone and hope all the actresses out there who signed regrettable designer pacts in the last two or three years (hers was Louis Vuitton) get their lawyers to make sure this fallow time counts. Don’t marry the first atelier who knocks! Answer ALL the doors. BED HOP.

[Photo: WENN]