So, I saw over the weekend that Ilaria Urbinati is now working with Ginnifer Goodwin and I literally said aloud to Ilaria’s Instagram, “THANK GOD.” I think Ilaria — who has styled Nina Dobrev for ages, and also works with a LOT of hot dudes in suits (you should follow her on Instagram if you like pictures of hot dudes in suits)  — is a good match for Goodwin, and certainly they have started off with a bang:

Charming flowered day dress, be mine! She hasn’t looked this good in…honestly, maybe ever.

Ginnifer Goodwin also wore this long red Marni dress over the weekend, which was (I think) a really good silhouette on her:

I wish I had a red carpet shot of this, but D23 Expo got all TCA on me for this event, just giving me loads of pictures of people on stage, very very far from the camera. Tiny like ants. It was all very:

But as far as I can tell, she looks good AND vaguely on-theme for an event celebrating a show that’s branded with a poisoned apple. So, let’s everyone KEEP IT UP.

[Photos: Getty, Giphy, Instagram]