Well, I’m not sure about the bang swoop here — it’s a bit aggressive on her — but I’m not mad at the rest of it:

Something about the pattern of this dress feels absolutely apt for a conference that puts itself at the confluence of technology and entertainment. So well-chosen there, Gillian. Also, whenever I see her lately, I lament that she seems charming and yet I don’t like much on her resume (I could NOT with Community, and the first ep of Love gave me hives). So basically, I’d appreciate it very much if she’d pander to me and pop by Nashville or Shondaland or The Grinder for a visit. Much obliged, G. But hurry up on that Grinder thing. They may already be wrapping and I’m scared its ratings are too abysmal for a second season. Maybe you can just wander randomly through the background?

[Photo: Getty]