I seriously just muttered to myself, “dammit, Kruger. Why do you always look so good?”

Even in something that objectively has potential to go a bit off the rails — or to at least skew a little 80s. EVEN THEN.  All this, and Pacey, and you seem like a fun girl. You’re like a character in a Judith Krantz novel; it’s seriously not fair. Although if you actually were a character in a Judith Krantz novel, Pacey would suffer a freak accident whilst skiing in Gstaad rendering him paralyzed and then he’d break up with you nobly and then you’d move to the French Riviera to learn to love again and of course he’d come back into your life on the eve of your wedding to a handsome but shady Prince of a minor, er, principality, and shit would get really traumatic up in there for a while. So maybe it’s for the best that you are not actually fictional — that sounds exhausting.