She knows it’s over, right? She’s not going to win the Oscar? Because someone else already did? And that the movie’s in the can, so if she’s feeling all Method, the time to let go is NOW?

Because this — although lovely — feels a little on the nose when you’re doing PR (STILL MY GOD HOW IS SHE STILL PROMOTING THIS THING?) for a movie about Marilyn. Kinda like if Ralph Fiennes would show up for a Harry Potter DVD release party without a nose. Although. You know. Prettier.

Also prettier:

This might be one of my favorite things she’s ever worn, actually. The color is fantastic on her — pretty and soft, but not overly twee — and the cut of the bodice is modest, the way she likes it, without compressing her assets like they’re being run through the Food Saver Vacuum Sealer. Way to go, kid. NOW GO TAKE A NAP.