Sometimes Zoe Saldana is so cool, it haunts me.

Do you think she and Britney had a Crossroads reunion backstage anywhere? I hope they did. I imagine that Zoe looked at Britney and was like, “Wow, those are some sparkly shorts, but I’m glad you’re still alive and robust,” and Britney looked at Zoe and was all, “When did you become a singer, y’all? What are you doing here? Did they turn that ballet movie into an MTV series?” And Zoe just blinked and then said, “If that’s how you want to sum up Avatar, then yes.” And Britney was like, “WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME? AN AVATARD?” And Zoe was like, “Um, just kidding, let’s just say I crashed the party and I”m not a working actress anymore, so now we can go our separate ways real fast.” And then Britney hugged her and said, “Try marrying a backup dancer and maybe you can have all of this, too,” and then they were both like, “Also, can we talk about how Shonda Rhimes wrote Crossroads?” and they laughed and laughed and all awkwardness was forgotten.