We missed a couple Viola Davis promotional appearances for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, but she’s back on the trail as we head into awards season, and so we’re being treated to great shots like this:


That suit is by Alex Perry, and it looks perfect on her. I traditionally don’t understand the need for extra ponytails on clothes, and I’m sure if she were walking around in this we’d all be a lot more confused, but in this shot the whole thing sits perfectly on her and the color is beautiful. Every outfit has its context, and every outfit should be so lucky as to have Viola Davis be its context.

She’s been into high-necked full-coverage situations lately. This berry Stella McCartney is MOSTLY so good on her; I think she’s let down by the tailoring on the bodice, because otherwise, she glows.

St. John is having an extremely good year; we’ve seen a LOT of that line in 2020 and early 2021. I love the hot pink suit on Viola here, assuming the legs don’t stop halfway down and turn into tassels made from braiding old My Little Pony tails. It’s simple but super cleanly done, and it lets the hue do the work. I wonder what this means Viola will bust out for the Golden Globes. Since that whole shenanigan is going to be remote — I assume? — maybe she’ll stick to a glitzy tailored suit, but I miss a Viola Davis gown moment and am seriously ready for some backyard glamour from her.