So, have you heard Jessica Szhor’s SoBe ads?

I think we’ve talked about them in this space before, but if not, she opens her radio spots by noting that we may know her as “Vanessa from Brooklyn.” NEVER are the words “Gossip Girl” used, which (a) makes me think SOMEONE didn’t get a thumbs up from the network before signing this contract, and (b) makes me laugh every time, because you know someone is hearing this ad in the car and thinking, “who the EFF is Vanessa from Brooklyn? I don’t know any Vanessas at all.”

Of course, here she looks like Vanessa From That Vacation Where Her Luggage Got Lost And She Had to Shop Solely At the Hotel’s Cheesy-Yet-Incredibly-Expensive Gift Shop And It Was Either This Or a Hotel-Branded Polo. Someone bring that girl a nice mai tai by the pool.