I feel like this could have gone SO WRONG, so fast:

And yet — as we like to say around these parts, despite the fact that someone once wrote in and scolded us for that particular grammatical construction — I really dig this. It is sexy, but demure; classic, but a little tiny bit edgy (thanks, Vague Hint of Nudity). It also helpfully serves to remind that Amber Heard — or as Heather and I call her, thanks to her role on the little-watched and most-terrible CW soap Hidden Palms, HIDDEN PALMS — went and got herself a job, in the new show The Playboy Club. Or, as I call it,  Close Your Eyes and Pretend It’s Mad Men. And while I like Hidden Palms enough that I will gladly trade her for January Jones, I can’t say that I’ll be able to pretend that Eddie Cibrian is Jon Hamm, as NBC seems to be hoping. Dudes, I know he’s objectively handsome, but  I served with Jon Hamm, I know Jon Hamm, Jack Kennedy is an imaginary friend of mine, and Eddie Cibrian is no Jon Hamm.

Although considering that Mad Men isn’t coming back for MONTHS, we may have to take what we can get.

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