This looks like a practical joke.



Nicole has the glassy look in her eyes that bespeaks a prom queen taped to the auditorium pole and forced to watch the chess club accept her tiara, light it on fire, scream, “CHECKMATE, BITCHES,” and then politely put everything back the way it was so they can do it all over again.
Would you change any of this? Ditch the hostage situation that is the black ribbon? Alter the corset, the skirt, the hair, the deer-in-the-headlights please-God-don’t-break-my-crown expression? Would you eat the crown instead of burning it? Make it the physics club instead of chess? Perhaps it’s a school band protest? Would you tape her to the rafters and then release her onto the crowd right while you’re waving tiara fire around the stage? Note: I do not condone the latter action without the presence of trained stunt doubles.