Hey! It’s America Ferrera! I kind of forgot about her — sorry, America. Thank you for wearing something so eye-catching, and thus reminding me of your continued existence:

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[Photo: WENN.com]

When I started writing this piece, I suspected that I would unfug La Ferrera by swapping out her red shoes for something a bit less clash-y — say, a gold metallic — but I think I actually talked myself out of that. I like the concept of wearing a shoe that doesn’t necessarily get all matchy-matchy on you, and those shoes ARE lovely. I think I just wish that this dress either had the hip pleats OR the sleeve ruffles, not both. Both, to me, feels like using slices of pizza in place of the bread in a sandwich: pizza is delicious, and sandwiches are delicious, but the two really don’t need to get married. What do you think? What would you change — would the ruffles and pleats work better in a more neutral color? Do you think anything needs to be changed to begin with? Hit me with you best shot, Fug Nation!