I remember when we first discovered the zaniness of Roisin Murphy at Fashion Week, and were were like, “SADDLE UP, y’all, because this rodeo is about to get thrashy.” And then, shortly after one Fug Madness seeding, she kind of disappeared from our lives. So imagine my glee at spying a recent photo of her…

… and then imagine my sorrow at seeing she appears to be giving a speech called, “Power Smocks And You: How To Button Up And Get Down.” And then I thought, well, this is Roisin Murphy, so maybe she’s wearing pantaloons made of potholders. MAYBE:

Roisin Murphy Performing At The 'Milk Festival' (USA ONLY)

In fact, no. She’s really, from head to toe, Cindy Lou Who’s mother getting dressed for a night of caroling and then the annual Roast Beast buffet over at the First Whoman Catholic Church of Whoville. I seriously haven’t seen that much Sensibly Boring Red since I lived in Texas, which I think is the poster state for the power suit. Dearest Roisin, I miss your Minnie Mouse shoulders. Come back to me.