So, yeah, I do realize this is a jumpsuit, and yet I am not approaching it with abject disapproval. I KNOW. I’m sure the lightheadedness of Abfest 2012 still has me in its clutches.

But seriously, that doesn’t look awful on her. At least, I don’t think so — okay, so part of it is sitting weirdly on her chest, like it’s sagging or needed to be pinned/pressed/taped, but it’s such a small thing. Otherwise, from this angle, I am far less enraged by the jumpsuit itself than I expected. My bigger question is with the styling, specifically the choice of jacket:

That blazer has a home somewhere, but it’s not here: The line of it, especially from this angle, looks musty and frumpy — ESPECIALLY when you get her right up next to Viola Davis, who is killing it per usual and has done so without anything on her person that looks purloined from an octogenarian. What would you do? Layer with something else? No layer at all? Replace the jumpsuit and keep the jacket? Or just genuflect to Viola’s general awesomeness and try again tomorrow?

[Photo: Getty]