On a lot of people this would’ve been an outright fug. And maybe it is on Diane, too, but she tends to look less ridiculous in things than, say, the Miley Cyruses of the world. So let’s see how she’s faring.

Wait… does Pacey have a wan black boutonniere on his lapel? It is hard to ruin a classic tux, but that might be a start.

As for the Krug: I think… hmm. There is just so much happening. I want to hack away the snowy floral slug on her shoulder, which reminds me of the strange swim-cap-like hats that my great-grandmothers both wore at my parents’ wedding. Then let’s see where we are. The long skirt could go, too, but I don’t understand why anyone with her face would want a feathery predator threatening it. Maybe it’s so Pacey can sweep in and rescue her from it later, further enflaming the loins of his champions.


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Oh, but this isn’t all she’s worn lately. It’s been a busy season:

I think my druthers would be to mash up these two dresses into one megagown, because I think if you borrowed a little from Column A and a little from Column B, you’d get a lot more magic than either is able to conjure on its own. Especially because right now, the bodice is making me think of those foil-covered candy coins I used to get in my Christmas stocking, and fun though they are, they were never made of actual good chocolate, and I also never realized that until I’d scarfed down about four too many of them. So perhaps my reticence on this outfit is that it reminds me of regret, and also stomachache.

This, though, I love. No regrets. Well, partial ones: Her pinky toes look like they’re having homicidal thoughts. And Pacey might not be wearing socks. This feels like something he’s twenty years too young to do, and/or I am twenty years too young to find saucy.

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