I love Melissa McCarthy, and I was thrilled to see her win last night — although, as Heather said on Twitter, that Emmy was more for Bridesmaids than it was for Mike and Molly, but whatever. She’s awesome, and I want her to rule the world. I just kind of wish she hadn’t kicked off ruling the world in this:

I actually think this looks much better in photos than it did on film, and I love the color. But I feel like she could — nay, should — have a gown as awesome as she is, and I’m worried this just isn’t it (even if she did design it herself). I have especial concerns about the sleeves, which seem like they’re too big. I kind of feel like, if this were knee-length, and that were fixed, it’d be a great day dress, but the Emmy’s aren’t a day joint.  SO! Homework: fix it for her, please! If it were me, I think I’d almost want to see it in a halter — halters are generally really flattering, and they’d made it look a bit more evening. What say you?