This is very cute.

It’s flattering, it’s breezy, it’s houndstooth, it shows off how tiny she is… it’s one of those things where we’d normally see this and go, “Well, okay, but what if she burned off all her Admirably Charming mojo before the big night?” And then we’d start talking about how funny she was on The Good Wife, and that hairdo she had in Parenthood, and wishing she and Keanu Reeves could have a hilarious on-camera reunion on Raising Hope, and then we’d completely forget what we were talking about and why we’re here.

I MEAN. What a dish. Why didn’t Kate Winslet wear this? We’d all be slobbering over how perfect it was and how much she made us eat our words about her recent case of the Fashion Blahs, and then possibly making references to Kate-and-Leo fan fiction before making another reference to Mildred Pierce and “Let’s get stinko,” and how I almost typed that as “Plinko,” and how much BETTER that movie would’ve been if she had, indeed, said, “Let’s get Plinko,” followed by a cameo from Bob Barker. Instead, Martha Plimpton defeated Winslet on the carpet, and all Kate has left is to laugh at me for writing that terrible run-on sentence. Well, and she also has her looks and her Oscar and her Grammy and her Golden Globe and her Emmy, and all that money. But, whatever. The moral of the story is, Martha Plimpton rules.